Who is Ethnos Movement International

Ethnos Movement International (EMI) is an inter-denominational Christian mission organization expressed through independent EMI entities (which includes international offices, ministries and services), accountable to God, and to the international leadership. All EMI entities share a common mission, vision, strategy, and core value system. The expression (implementation) of the vision is subject to the context of the different entities to create more flexibility.

Our Story


We have a vision to see all the remaining unreached people groups be reached. This prompted us to research and it led us to the development of Ethnos Movement International's grassroots and indigenous strategy.


New trends in mission agencies in Africa demonstrate a strong emphasis on sustainable community transformation. Mobilization and training of churches in Africa for missions that is focused on the least reached people groups is at the center of this trend.


These trends give a platform in which we can rethink, research, and establish a vision, a strategy and a structure that will effectively facilitate the work of international and indigenous mission organizations. In this endeavor, we must hear what the Lord is saying to His church in regards to His plan for the next season of missions to the unreached in Africa.


The above prompted us to pray and to research how we could maximize the impact by organizing ourselves into a more focused, effective, efficient and affordable ministry platform, while operating within the context and constraints we experience in Africa. This led to an idea of creating a “new wineskin” that will serve and facilitate a vision to see all the remaining unreached and least reached communities in Africa being reached with the gospel.


We realized that the governance and the bureaucracy of organizations, including structures, control systems, processes, culture, people, vision, mission and value systems needed to be reviewed, and put through an innovative transformational process to be better aligned for the local context. We leaned heavily on prayer, church history, various strategies of the current and past movements, and structures of other mission agencies.


Through prayer and research, we formed Ethnos Movement International, as an overarching grassroots movement and strategy, in order to reach the remaining unreached communities of not only Africa, but of the whole world by focusing on grassroots movement and indigenous ownership.