Our Philosophy


The philosophy of ministry is critical to ensure unified values throughout the organization.
It lays the foundation for organizational culture and clarifies expectations.


We glorify and love the Lord
The glory of God is our supreme pursuit in all we do. We walk in dependence, humility, openness and brokenness so that He may become more and we less! We acknowledge that this is God’s work, God’s people and God’s plan; therefore, we engage with Him in prayer to lead us in all our thinking, discussions, planning and service, guided by His Word and through His Spirit.


We focus strategically
Our strategy includes the following: tent making church plant movements, grassroots in nature, with a team and hub approach, developing indigenous ownership, long-term impact, participatory in service systems, with a focus on sustainability, transformation, multiplication, entrepreneurship, measurability and accountability. We are intentional in our pursuit of the least-reached through:

Impact Ministry: Pioneer and frontier ministry, especially church planting and discipleship, that are carried out in the least reached targeted communities.

Capacity Ministry: Preparation of the local church and God’s people through mobilization, recruitment, service, training and financial development to take ownership for the impact ministries.


We partner with others
We embrace synergistic networking and partnership, acknowledging that God has called the whole Church to work together.


Innovation and participation
We operate focused and affordable systems/structures, and utilize services that are outsourced to fulltime employed specialists in the wider Church. We will therefore ask fulltime accountants, media experts, communication experts, I.T. specialists and educationalists in supporting churches to become a team member, and to give about 1-2 hours a week towards the ministry. In other words, a chartered accountant in the USA could be part of the EMI Tanzania team and do their books remotely, but still be considered a “full” EMI missionary serving remotely with the team in Tanzania. We value the empowerment of our leadership teams, relational and nimble systems, and maximum time and funding to reach the goals of our vision.