Our Vision


Our vision is to plant self-sustainable, self-duplicating, indigenous churches amongst the least reached people groups of the world.


Unpacking the Vision

1. Workers / Missionaries
We equip our missionaries to work in teams to be part of the process of transformational ministry in the community.


Category 1 Missionary

EMI believes the Lord will call, train and send tentmakers, (e.g. teachers, nurses, doctors, administrators, agriculturalists, business men and women) as professionals to unreached people groups in their countries of residence.


Category 2 Missionary

A highly skilled full time EMI missionary team, consisting of 7 career missionaries that provide training, leadership, strategy and focus, will support Category 1 missionaries.

Areas of specialization of the support team is:

  • Leadership,
  • Student ministry
  • Education
  • Business / Skills such as Agriculture and Sport
  • Discipleship
  • Social justice
  • Administration


Category 3 Missionary

The teams will be supported by:

  • Short term outreaches (preferably around skills like teaching at training conferences, entrepreneurship and skills training).
  • An international leadership and services team. This will be small, but instrumental in developing the Category 2 teams in leadership and help them to be focused.
  • An outsourced services model from within participating resource churches. (We hope to have team members that will do the communications as well as the bookkeeping etc. from tent making roles in support churches.)
  • Small recruitment and financial development teams in resource countries. (We would like to engage people that are nearing retirement age or are on pension to help us with the more official support raising from foundations and charities.)


2. The least reached
We will focus on the least reached and un-engaged people groups.

Definition of least reached people groups:
An area or a people group numbering more than 15,000 among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group or with less than 2% Evangelical Christian and less than 5% Christian adherents. These include syncretistic “Christian” or sectarian communities.

These communities will include:

  • Ethno linguistic people groups and regions
  • Muslim communities where the social barrier prevents the existing church from effectively reaching out to their Muslim neighbours.
  • Diaspora communities: Immigrant communities where the cultural and language barriers make it difficult to reach them.
  • Impoverished urban communities: In fast growing inner city and informal settlements – with their cultural mix, educational, social and economic challenges, we find youth and the unemployed forming subcultures that are difficult to reach.
  • Marginalized and exploited: This includes the hearing impaired, people with special needs, orphaned and vulnerable children and other enslaved communities.

Our Mission


We believe God will call, prepare and send small-specialized mission teams as catalyst to see grassroots transformational church planting movements develop and grow in all countries and amongst all the least reached people groups.


Unpacking the Mission

1. Church planting and discipleship

We work to help churches, professionals and organizations to be trained and mobilized towards the least reached people groups in the most affordable, streamlined and focused manner possible. We look for infrastructure-light strategies, like house churches, or rental houses for training courses. We look at little maintenance of costly infrastructure and focus rather on knowledge and skill transfer or working in partnership with existing schools.


2. Equipping and training

We build the capacity of people through discipleship, internships, leadership development, seminars, short courses, specialized training as well as training materials; enabling the church, missionaries and Christian individuals to passionately and effectively live and spread the Gospel.


3. Community transformation (education, agriculture and business)

We holistically improve the wellbeing of people and communities spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically. We focus particularly on education, evangelism, discipleship and small business.


4. Prayer Initiatives

We organize, participate and engage in prayer initiatives to see His glory revealed and His Kingdom established in all the earth.