Question & Answer Sessions


"Why did we get away from sending tent-making missionaries?"

Paul was a tent-maker and a self-sustained missionary. How did we move away from following this model of mission?

Coen Scholtz shares briefly about this subject.

"Do I need training to join Ethnos?"

Training is important and how training looks like is yet another question. But what kind of training do Ethnos provide?

Do one need a training to join Ethnos team?


"What is the Global Catalyst Training?"

In the video above, Coen mentions of the Global Catalyst Training. It is our leadership training of missionaries that can

pioneer and establish core team of missionaries to create the movement that would follow the grassroots vision.

Coen shares more in detail of this training here.


"Must I finish my studies in order to be involved in missions?"

This is definitely a frequently asked question among the students.

There may be a sense of needing to have qualifications for missions, or to complete the course where one will be occupied to do any mission works. Coen shares his idea and opinion about this question.


"How does Ethnos provide an opportunity for people with support difficulties?"

Many desire to take part in the work of mission, but there are also many experiencing difficulties with raising support. Will that prevent us from becoming missionaries or worker for the Kingdom? Coen shares on how Ethnos could guide/support missionaries that can help themselves.


"I'm an introvert. How can one like me be involved in missions?"

Doesn't mission mean interactive and discipleship making? How can an introverted person who's having difficulty to connect with people be part of mission works? Coen shares his thoughts as a social introvert in this matter.


"How can a retired person be involved in Ethnos?"

"I'm feeling too old for missions. I'm a retired man and I have hard time relating to younger generations too."

How can one who's retired be involved in Ethnos? Coen gets into the perspective of missions and how it affects the way we see it differently at this age.

"How can I be a missionary when I have family responsibilities?"

As hardworking person busy providing for own family, mission seems almost impossible. How could one leave their work behind to follow His mission when one has a family to care for? Coen shares his thoughts on change of perspective of how we ought to see mission in relation to our occupation.