Capacity and Impact Ministries

Ethnos Movement International develops ministries that allow missionaries to grow in their capacity and impact in their fields.

It is only with a strong bow that an arrow can be fired with power and accuracy.
We see capacity ministries as the bow and impact ministries as the arrow that hits the target.


Missionaries who are going into unreached communities need specialised training, skills, and experiences to grow in their capacity.

Our capacity ministries exists, at its core, to serve the needs of the community and lead people to have a personal relationship with Jesus. In addition, the capacity ministries act as a training ground for missionaries where they can develop professional skills and have hands-on experience in church planting, discipleship, and community development.

Church Plants

Early Childhoold Development Training for Preschool Teachers

Centre for Women with HIV

Children's Home


Skills Training Centre
(Hair dressing, cooking and sewing)

Drug Addiction and Homeless Ministry

Reading Training for Primary School Children

(Construction and manufacturing)

When missionaries are trained and equipped through capacity ministries, they will have the necessary skills, experience and know-how to have greater impact in their respective fields. The work that is done in unreached communities by such missionaries are what we call impact ministries.