Ethnos Movement International trains indigenous missionaries who will be sent as supported or tent making missionaries to the unreached and least reached communities.

Ethnos Missions Training (EMT)


Ethnos Missions Training is a three month training program that incorporates discipleship, biblical teaching, community living, and hands-on outreaches with a focus on developing future leaders. EMT allows trainees to participate in various missions activities and exposes them to long term missions opportunities. Upon completion, there may be opportunities for a 3-6 month internship.


Please contact us for more information on EMT.

Global Catalyst Leadership Training


This training resembles a one year internship at EMI, with a focus on skills and leadership development. Trainees will live in community at EMI for a year and receive close mentorship by a seasoned missionary. They will experience various ministry opportunities in addition to classroom trainings. The focus areas are character development, personal development, leadership development, and experience and exposure to missions.


Please contact us for more information on Global Catalyst Training.

Other Trainings and Courses


Missionaries and leaders at EMI can conduct trainings and courses that are tailored to various needs. Some courses we offer include:

  • Leadership Development Seminars
  • Missions Mobilisation Weekends
  • Discipleship Weekends and Half Day Courses
  • Agricultural Training (Farming God’s way)
  • Muslim Outreach Training
  • Women Camps
  • Early Childhood Development Training (Preschools)
  • Discipleship/Community Development Program for Teens
  • Entrepreneurship Course geared towards the vulnerable
  • 1 Day Seminars for Business Men and Women
  • Program for home-schooling parents

Please contact us for more information on these courses.